Bathroom Extractor Fans

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Bathroom Extractor Fans

Post by Phelzier on Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:47 pm

Hi guys,

Another question to see what you guys using or advise to use.

I have three bathrooms where there are extractor fans.  These are powered from the light switch, one is only on when the light is on and the others stay on for a minute or two after.

The lights are currently controlled by my Lightwave switches and I don't want to replace them as I like the nice chrome sexy look.  The isolators above the switches are white plastic ones and would be nice to swap these out too.

I guess that I should keep an isolator there or at least a similar looking sexy chrome physical switch and figured I could put the zwave on/off control behind the switch.  I was looking at the Fibaro FGS211 to act as the control for the fan and then using a humidity sensor to activate the relay.

What you guys think?  What have you used in your setups?



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Re: Bathroom Extractor Fans

Post by skiv71 on Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:58 am

Hi Phelz,

A lot of bathroom fans have a 'full feed' and the 'switched feed', maybe borrowed from the light.

If you're using the LWRF dimmer's to control the light (and fan), then you'll not be seeing the full main's at the light, but the fan might still operate as the switched feed is control and the main juice comes from the full feed.

Regarding the fan, seen's as you wish to take control, you're right to use a relay.

In the past, I replaced the fan isolator with a relay and blank lid and just operated the fan direct from mains (automated).

I had an oregon scientific temp/humid sensor in place and monitored that to control the fan relay.

If I was doing it now, I'd be inclined to use Z-Wave equipment, likely the fibaro 2 x 1.5kW relay and possibly the Aeon Labs Multi sensor.


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