Hi, just joined, may need some help later on...

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Hi, just joined, may need some help later on...

Post by JemHayward on Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:40 pm

I'm a refugee from the BBSB world and I'm uninstalling my X10 as my interface has died.... so time to move on. I will keep some X10 just for local switching, and I have some BBSB switches, but I also have a drawer full of failed BBSB switches, and they are getting harder to find now...

So, I'm moving to Lightwave RF, and so far have a 930 controller, and three switches, and will get more soon. I'm not yet sure what I will use for control, but at present I use a windows server, and batch files, and UDP sending to control timed events.

At present I use two BBSB Harmony Online Controllers, one in each of two buildings, they have separate fixed IP addresses and they both pick up remote signals, and send out UDP, and they receive UDP and send out RF. It all (sort of) works.

I've been told that using two Lightwave RF controllers on the same network won't work. Someone has said that BMS Link may help.


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Re: Hi, just joined, may need some help later on...

Post by skiv71 on Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:42 pm

Hi Jem,

I'm not sure how things are now (nor is anyone else I think), but 2 wifi link's on the same LAN segment used to cause problems.

With BMS Link, each wifi link is treated as a unique interface (gateway to RF broadcast's in this case) and as such they can be individually addressed with no issues Smile



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