BMSLink as a NodeJS application

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BMSLink as a NodeJS application

Post by skiv71 on Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:34 am

Hi Guy's,

I'm still busy with the next release of the system and I'm pleased to report its coming along nicely.

The new application will come in the form of a single process, NodeJS application.

I've managed to combine the core, the REST API, the database and Angular frontend into a package you can run anywhere you can install NodeJS.

I've uploaded the current code base to GitHub [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I've also uploaded (tonight infact) a NodeJS version of my serial port server (which run's on the Raspberry PI).

At the moment, the only core interface I have working is the RFXCOM (which I have running on my dev laptop) and it connects to the new RPI server just fine.

All interaction for controlling the device (RFXCOM), reading points (and setting them) comes via the REST API.

I'll put details about this in another post.



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