Special mentions...

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Special mentions...

Post by skiv71 on Thu May 01, 2014 7:00 pm

I'd like to use this post to give mention to those who've helped in the development of this project.

In no particular order: -

Matthew Lohbihler - developer of MangoM2M (without whom this project wouldn't be possible).

LightwaveRF PLC - J. Shermer & J. Kimberley (for assistance with products and development support for the Wifi Link).

Sebastian Sjöholm - developer of rfxcmd (for help with the RFXtrx433 and php/other scripting help).

RFXCOM - for general assistance with the RFXtrx433.

Elite Silicon - for their excellent USB/LAN server chipset and software library.

Simon Forrest - end user and beta tester (helped me develop the full user control and development platform).

Peter Frost - another (very patient) end user and beta tester.

Wesley Elder - for assisting testing and with feedback (and for lending me a wifi link).

Thomas Bernard - for the MiniUPnP project library.

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