Running BMS Link

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Running BMS Link

Post by skiv71 on Fri May 09, 2014 2:35 pm

BMS Link operates from within a 'Virtual Machine', which runs within a 'Virtual Machine Host'.

The download is supplied as an ovf (Open Virtualisation Format) package, which can be imported into multiple VM Hosts.

As you can get a VM Host for almost any operating system, this means you have the option to run BMS Link on multiple platforms.

The Virtual Machine requires 'network' access for all its features and in the interests of simplicity, the VM Lan adapter comes configured as 'bridge' mode.

This means, BMS Link will reside on the same network segment as the host and allows for direct access to detected network interfaces (wifi link, razberry etc.) and allows the user to easily access the BMS Link web interface.

At lot of VM Hosts have the capability to shutdown, suspend, restart the Virtual Machine.

In the case of BMS Link, it is not possible (nor recommended) to suspend/resume the Virtual Machine.

The BMS Link core does almost all its functions in realtime and with regard to intefaces, these only function after being correctly detected, prepared and presented to the system.

When running BMS Link, when logged into the 'super' user account, you have the option to 'restart' the instance, or 'reboot' the VM.

If these fail, your only other real option is to 'power down/off' the VM.

If you suspend, when you resume you'll be where you left off (not working).

If you shutdown, this will fail as the VM Host cannot issue the proper commands the VM operating system.

Hope this provides a better insight into how BMS Link runs.


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