dd-wrt settings

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dd-wrt settings

Post by skiv71 on Mon May 12, 2014 12:00 am

Although the dd-wrt firmware is well documented on the internet, this post outlines some info relevant to the DHCP server config.

I recommend the following: -

Setup tab

Optional settings...

router name: <something relevant to the router hardware> i.e. netgear3700
hostname: <same as above is good>
domain name: <create your own here> i.e. mine.local, mylan.local, treehouse.local, etc., etc.


Type: <DHCP Server>
Enable: <of course>
Start: <anything you like> - i tend to start from 100 for general DHCP range.
Maximum: <anything you like> - i tend to restrict the general pool to 50 clients.
Least time: <number of mins> - in theory, you can use any value here, but for best effect in the system, choose 5 mins.
Use DNSMasq: <tick>
Use DNSMasq for DNS: <tick>
DHCP-Authoritative: <tick>

Services tab

DHCP Server....

Used domain: <WAN>


DNSMasq: <enable>
Local DNS: <enable>
No DNS Rebind: <enable>

Additional DNSMasq Options...

local=/<your chosen WAN domain from main setup>/ - i.e. mylan.local

Now, if this dd-wrt router is going to act as 'router' - i.e. the WAN port is the internet, then the above entries complete the setup.

However, if you have another 'router' acting as 'gateway' on the LAN, you'll need an another entry so your LAN clients are aware.

You can achieve this with the following additional line...

dhcp-option=3,<IP address of the gateway> - i.e. etc.

Hope this helps,



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