Setting up device discovery

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Setting up device discovery

Post by skiv71 on Mon May 12, 2014 9:35 pm

Here are some notes on how to set up BMS Link to poll for a given network device, based on its MAC address.

Interface setup

The first thing you'll need to do, its tell the system the IP address of the dd-wrt router and the password used to access it.

To do this, log in as 'super' user and locate the small dd-wrt logo and enter the above details, in the format <ip>,<password>.

Once you've entered this data, restart the session.

Now these details are present, the system will enable the dd-wrt interface and assuming it can find the device, the new interface will
show on the 'super' user main page, together with its serial number.

Device/Publisher setup

Now you've enabled the interface, its time to make sure the 'ddwrt' publisher has the relevant settings. The system ships with an interface present, so assuming you have this, all you need do is amend the serial number to match your own.

Once again, assuming you still have the original publisher, hopefully you'll have the default device 'neils phone'.

Since this is a 'polling' data source, the value of the point needs to be 'null'. If you've amended my device to suit, you should be ok, but if in doubt, you can check the point from the 'mobiles' watch list.

Now, with the device point added to the publisher, all you need do now, is change the 'device code'. For this interface, this value is the actual MAC address of the device you wish to detect (without the colon's).

ddwrt device point

The final stage, head over to 'data sources' and 'edit' the ddwrt data source.

Locate the device you've elected to use (maybe you want to rename 'neils phone') and change the HTTP parameter to match your chosen MAC address.

Now, when the ddwrt interface is polled for a specific MAC address, should it find it, the system will return the IP address for that device.

If its not present, it'll return 'null'.

You can then use this data to automate the various aspects of your system.

Hope this has been of help.



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