Razberry interface improvements

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Razberry interface improvements

Post by skiv71 on Sat Jun 14, 2014 6:12 pm

Hi Guy's,

The latest core revision include some sweeping changes to the razberry interface.

Before the recent changes, to receive data from the z-way server, you'd have to target a device directly to obtain status values.

Now, the system actively polls the z-way server (with no intervention necessary from BMS Link) every 1 second for changes etc.

Depending on the type of Z-Wave field device, some devices actively update z-way on event/change.

e.g. keyfob, PIR, door sensor etc.

Other devices notify the z-way they are awake, but still require polling, but the core takes care of this for you.

e.g. TRV temp, temp sensor etc.

Mains powered devices send data on change (i.e. on/off/level etc.) but you might still want to know the status outside these changes.

On this occasion, you can still poll for data using the traditional poll point/publisher method.

Regarding device statuses, they are all delivered to the appropriate HTTP Listener (and in the case of this interface, that would be 'razberry'.

The HTTP receivers now include a button, which when clicked, shows a list of all the detected devices for the relevant interface.

This device list is renewed on system startup and is populated with device codes when the system detects them.

You can now copy and paste these device ID's (where required) into your points HTTP Parameter section.

Each device ID is formatted according to the interface type. For this interface, the format is <razid>-<dev code>.

In case of a Fibaro PIR, the PIR status is derived from class 48, so a valid id might be z379d6b-

All device codes are derived from the z-way server, so if you want to know which device node (and instance,class) is which, login into your z-way server.

Any questions, please let me know.


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