wifi link resetting

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wifi link resetting

Post by skiv71 on Sun Nov 02, 2014 12:14 am

Whilst testing the new wifi link code to cater for device registration, I found a potential issue in registering a device against the wifi link.

With BMS Link system correctly registered (and working) with the wifi link, I did a 'full reset', so I could re-register for testing purposes.

I found that whilst this had de-registered the BMS Link (and hence denied commands), it had not cleared wifi link's memory, so the software side of the wifi link appears to be ok.

The result, is the wifi link will sit there dormant and unresponsive.

However, not to worrk Smile a simple 'power cycle' of the wifi link seem's to clear the memory allowing to correctly re-register the BMS Link system.

Hope this post is useful.



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