Setting up the hosts interface

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Setting up the hosts interface

Post by skiv71 on Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:23 pm

To use the new 'hosts' interface, we'll to complete 2 steps: -

Add a new 'HTTP Receiver' data source.

To add this, login via the 'super' user account and click on the data sources icon from the menu bar (cylinder icon).

Now, towards the top right of the data sources area, you'll see an 'data sources add' icon (cylinder with a + icon).

Beside this, is a drop down menu allowing you to select the type of data source.

Choose 'HTTP Receiver' and click on the data source add icon (cylinder with + icon).

You'll now be present with options for the new data source...

Name: hosts
Interface: hosts (and then click on the green + to confirm)

Now click on save to complete the process.

Set permissions for the new data source.

From the menu bar, click on the user management icon.

From within the user management section, click on the user you wish to have permissions for the data source.

Let's assume 'user' to be user requiring full permissions, so click on 'user' and scroll down to find your new 'hosts' data source.

Tick the box enabling full permissions and click save to complete the process.

You can now log out of 'super' and back in as 'user' and you should see the new 'hosts' interface.

Hope this helps


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