new function, timeOffset

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new function, timeOffset

Post by skiv71 on Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:56 pm

Hi Guy's,

Update 1.047 introduce's a new function which you can use with the meta data points.

It allows you to obtain an offsetted time slot, derived from the time you supply it and the offset.

The function requires 2 parameters, i.e. timeOffset(a,b) where timeOffset 'is' case sensitive and a is your 'time' and b is the 'offset' in mins

For example....

I would like the lights to come on 45 mins before sunset.

You can obtain this time value by...

newtime = timeOffset(sunset,45);

where 'newtime' is your internal 'var', which you can use within your script.

Of couse, you can call this var whatever you like.

This feature was requested by one our keen users, moreno5 Smile



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