Using my LWRF remote with Z-Wave Plugs

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Using my LWRF remote with Z-Wave Plugs

Post by Moreno5 on Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:35 am

Being a LWRF user in the past, currently my house has a mixture of LWRF light switches and now some Z-wave tech which would normally pose a problem, but BMS seems to adapt pretty easily and it actually did not take that long to implement.

My living room consist of 3 sets of lights which are controlled by LWRF wall switches. I use a remote when in the room to control them. I wanted to control our side lamp and extend the mesh of my Z-Wave network and also be able to see when our side lamp is on (which cannot be done with LWRF).

The equipment;

1 x LWRF Remote -

1 x Z-Wave socket with power metering - This particular socket allows me to not only turn the device on and off, but also monitor the energy consumption from the appliance and feed this data into BMS. Very useful when you think of using it with a washing machine or even TV.

Of course this wouldn't be possible if you didn't have a Z-Stick which is the link between z-wave and BMS, but it is worth buying one as suddenly the sensors that you are open too are now larger and much better. I also have the RFX433 device which is essential in this scenario.

It was a pretty simple install. Once the z-wave socket was included in the Z-wave network, I was able to listen out for the remotes HTTP command to add to the system. The LWRF remote is heard by the RFX433, so I had to set up the remote in the points under RFX433. Once I had the off command from the remote using the listening list in BMS, I was able to find that 00 was the command the system needed to define "off" and use the remote.

Once this had been set up, I could move on to Point Links to associate the remote with the Z-Wave device. I just chose the points I had set up and pointed them to each other.

I now have a LWRF remote, controlling a Z-Wave socket! Best of both worlds....well until I get rid of LWRF altogether and replace with Fibaro after LWRF's last update!


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