Lightwave Power 2 Gang Sockets - JSJSLW270

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Lightwave Power 2 Gang Sockets - JSJSLW270

Post by Phelzier on Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:04 pm

Very easy to install and great for a simple retrofit as everything is enclosed in the socket. Look great.

Negative - Single way communication so it can't tell you if it's off or on. Default power mode is off after power cut due to safety reasons, this means you can't have your means of turning on the switch plugged into one of these sockets. Missus doesn't like the bright blue light on the switch when laying in bed at night, I think it makes a good night light and she'll just need to get used to it. Not Z-Wave so no MESH and needs 433Mhz.

All in all, I wouldn't swap them as there's nothing in the market that looks as good. I can live without the status polling and just switch all sockets off at night and in kids rooms when they're at school, etc.


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