Using the new hosts interface

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Using the new hosts interface

Post by skiv71 on Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:40 pm

Ok, so you've set up the new 'hosts' interface, now you want to use it.

From the menu bar, click on 'data sources' and from the data source list, click on the 'hosts' data source edit icon (cylinder with pencil).

Now we're in the 'hosts' data source area, you have 2 main area's of interest: -

HTTP Receiver Listener

This allow's you to see 'live' device data as it comes into the system by clicking on 'listen'. You can stop this by clicking 'cancel'.

Quite often, this data will be coming into too quickly for you to see, so beside the 'cancel' button, you'll see a list button (like a scroll).

If you click on this, it'll open up a new window showing a list of devices and other helpful data.

This data is in the format...

MAC address (parameter), IP address and hostname

Now we have this information, we're now in a position to create a new 'device' point to capture the data for a relevant host.

With the pop up window still showing, copy the MAC address for your chosen host.

Now, from with the 'points' area, click on the 'point add' icon (brick with a + icon) and fill in the details as follows: -

Name: <something to describe the host>
Parameter: <the MAC address you copied>
Data type: alphanumeric

Click on the save icon to complete the process.

You can now add this new point to a 'watch list' of your choosing (i.e. mobiles) and see its status.

When the device can be found, the value will be the IP address.

When the device cannot be found, the value will be blank.

Hope this helps.


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